Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy is also known an Endodontic therapy, often quoted as “root canal“. This treatment is performed on a tooth when it is decayed, infected and there is a danger of being lost or a tooth which has been filled and won’t stop hurting.

A Root Canal is performed in our practice under local anesthesia. It takes two visits to start and complete a root treatment; however, the visits may vary.

Step 1 is to gently remove infected or inflamed pulp and the tooth is then carefully shaped and disinfected.

Step 2, the canal is then filled and sealed with a material called gutta-percha. We choose the correct magnification through the use of dental loupes to ensure high focus. On completion the remaining tooth may be brittle, therefore we suggest you avoid biting or chewing especially on the treated area until a permanent crown or inlay is provided.

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