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Tooth Extractions

At New Lynn Dental Care our sole motto is to save your teeth so you can keep them for as long as you live. Sometimes teeth cannot be saved and need to be removed. Decay due to poor home care and breakage are the most common reasons for extraction.

Other reasons which contribute to an extraction are:

  • severe gum disease

  • infection

  • in preparation for orthodontic treatment

  • impacted wisdom teeth

  • Extractions are generally of two types non–surgical (simple) and surgical which is done when teeth are generally not easily visible, broken off at the gum line or not come through fully.



What to Expect After Extraction:
A level of discomfort and soreness is natural after extraction. Smoking is strictly prohibited as it can drain the blood clot, cause bleeding and eventually lead to dry socket. You are advised to adopt a soft diet at least for 2 days. On the day of the extraction avoid consumption of hot drinks, hot foods, and sticky sweets. You can take painkillers to subside the pain after extraction

When a dry socket occurs the underlying bone is exposed to air and food and can be very painful. It needs to be treated with a medicated dressing. Should a dry socket occur call our practice number immediately and we will make an appointment.

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